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A little Comic-Con update!

Been super busy lately, catching up with a bunch of stuff after having a week off for comic-con. I took SO many pictures, but it’ll take a while to get them up,

for now here’s this. It’s from the Regular Show Panel where the voice of Muscle man (Sam Marin) sang us a song to Muscle man’s girlfriend Starla.

The Comic-Con Crunch

There are exactly 15 days until comic-con 2013 and I’ve been running about trying to get everything ready.
My first feeling is:

I'm SO excited!
I’m SO excited!

But then I realize…

Spongebob freaking out
My costumes aren’t ready!!!

Crap crap crap. Right?
I’m still working on my Wonder Woman corset and currently working on a tutorial on How to dye dancing tights to match your skin tone. I’ll update this with the link soon.

Happy Tuesday!

It’s summer break!

I’ve been on vacation for almost two weeks now but I’ve been swamped with work, cosplay, and stuff.
Things that I’ve been working on…

Well I’ve been wanting to do a cosplay of the Weird girl from Frankenweenie.

Desired look Weird girl look. Yes, very creepy.
Desired look. yes… it’s supposed to be creepy.

So I decided to buy some face paints and see if I could make it happen. And…. It was a lot harder than expected. :/

I ended up with this.
I ended up with this.

I look like a character in a Tim Burton film.
This is the picture I posted to my instagram with a pretty filter, without the filter you get…

facepaint without the filter
Well you get this monstrosity.

It was pretty fun to paint my face but also quite a chore. Add to it  that it’s super uncomfortable to wear paint on your face for extended periods of time. I couldn’t handle half an hour in an air conditioned apartment how would I handle 8 hours in San Diego heat?
After I took the make up off, my skin felt kinda weird.

pikachu squishing his face
me after getting the makeup off

So, I guess I’m scrapping the Frankenweenie idea and sticking to Wonderwoman.
I’m sure I’ll think of something else.
Happy Thursday!

Finals are HERE. o.o

Paint on my face :(
I seriously suck at painting.

So Finals are here, and that means it’s crunch time for projects.
I was up late last night finishing up a huge frozen yogurt sculpture. That’s why I look like a crazy person.
Pictures of my sculpture soon. I promise. (:
Currently getting ready for Comic book Fest this weekend.
Brian Azzarello will be there!
He’s the writer of the current Wonder Woman comic and I’m hoping to get him to sign my issue #1.

Jake from Adventure Time Dancing
This is how excited I am.

Oh and did I mention I plan on being in costume? :3
So I’m working on my New 52 Wonder Woman costume while also working on finals.
I’m not too stressed though, I need to get a 43% on my next final to secure my A in the class so I don’t need to worry. Yay for doing homework!
So while everyone around me freaks out about finals…

Pokemon windy day
I’m just chilling. :3

Pictures of my Froyo and my costume soon.
Happy Monday! ^o^

Spring Break is over but Happy Easter!

For the past week I’ve been a little sucked into the world of Skyrim. I’ve put over 80 hours into my character and I’m still only level 25. Truth is, now that I’ve gotten the Hearthfire DLC I’ve been spending most of my time building my dream home. Also, whenever I travel to a place to complete a mission I get a little side tracked.

Dragonborn being distracted

I’ve also decided to contract lycanthropy in the game. Meaning I’m a badass werewolf. I’ve found that while I’m in the werewolf form I get an adrenaline rush.

What I look like in game:


What I really look like:

I’ve been watching Squidgirl on Netflix too so I’ve been super unproductive this spring break.
I wish I could go on an Easter egg hunt this Easter, but I get sad when I realize that I could just buy a bag of candy and eat it without having to hide it. Plus if I try hiding it around the apartment there’s a chance I won’t ever be able to find the candy again.
Maybe I’ll just sneak in on somebody else’s egg hunt and hope that they won’t be able to tell I’m too old.


Well, I hope you have a Happy Easter! 。◕‿◕。

SacAnime Winter 2013

Well, Christmas came and went and it’s already half way through January in the new year. Where the heck have I been? Doing stuff… important stuff… I swear.

SacAnime was this past past weekend and it was SO much FUN.

kevin conroy and grey deLisle
Kevin Conroy and Grey DeLisle

We saw Kevin Conroy (BATMAN!), Grey DeLisle (Azula from Avatar), Liam O’Brian (Akihiko Senpai insert girlish squeal), and Maile Flanagan (Naruto). They were all hilarious and made all the questions (even the boring ones) in their Q&A’s entertaining.

We also explored the convention hall and something caught both Tony and mine’s eye.

body pillows
An entire booth dedicated to Body Pillows. (。-_-。)

If you didn’t already know, Japanese Body Pillows (also called Dakimakura) are pillows with anime characters printed on them in usually… erotic positions.

tonys reaction to the body pillows
I asked Tony what he thought, and this was his response. Speechless.

 I don’t know who would be brave enough to walk around proudly displaying their pillow. But more power to them!

Now to the cosplay! I saw quite a few awesome cosplays, and I snapped a few pictures. Unfortunately, Tony and I didn’t cosplay that weekend but we’ll be ready for Comic-Con this year, hopefully. Here’s some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

nurse joy
Nurse Joy from Pokemon
TF2 Red Sniper, Red Scout, Blue Scout, and Blue Soldier
rocket grunt and team magma pokemon
Team Rocket and Team Magma members


teddy from Persona 4
Teddy from Persona 4


war machine
War Machine


TF2 Engineer
TF2 Engineer
tf2 engineer 2
Another TF2 Engineer spotted!
pink robot
I have NO IDEA what this guy was cosplaying as, but it was massive and pink and robotic and badass.
fem commander shepherd
FemShep from Mass Effect
predator and alien bros for life
Alien and Predator hanging out together


italy and germany from Hetalia
Italy and Germany from Hetalia
Old Timey Captain America
Old Timey Captain America… and friends?
sailor moon silent hill cross over Pyramid Head and Nurse
Sailor Moon crossover with Silent Hill! I’ve never seen this before. Really well done!
sgt frog
Sergeant Frog and Co
tf2 medic sniper tentaspy
TF2 Blue Medic, Red Sniper, and a Tentaspy!


sam and max Max
Max from Sam and Max

Well that’s all! Tony and I also bought Gundam model kits but I think I’ll leave that fiasco to another blog post.

Happy Sunday!

♪ It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas… ♪

So, I’ve been catching up with all of my assignments for school and as soon as finals are finished next week, I will be free! Wooooooo!┗(^0^)┓

Well, until spring semester… (一。一;;)

But I’m starting to feel Christmasy finally!
We’ve finally got a cute little 5 foot Christmas tree and filled it with our ornaments.
I also jumped on the band wagon and got instagram. I decided to instagram up my Christmas tree photos. You can follow me on instagram, my username is (you guessed it) mewbert.

My Aegis Gundam model hanging out in the tree.
Holiday Lobster!
My Jake (Adventure Time) Tree Topper

Other than fixing up my Christmas Tree, I’ve been working on my Team Fortress 2 cosplay. I’ll be a Medic and Tony will be a Soldier. Super Excited.

Hopefully I’ll have a picture update. Everything is pretty much a skeleton at the moment, so not  very picture worthy.

I hope everyone is having an awesome monday! ^-^